Bulk flow meters

Meistream with GWFcoder® register MP
Your benefits
  1. Revolutionary Multiprotocol interface:
    Investment security due to the interoperability of the meter
  2. Transfer of the effective meter reading:
    No data loss and guaranteed security of the billing data
  3. No programming required when commissioning the meter in a readout system (Plug & Play):
    Easy and fast on-site installation
  4. Measurement of low flow rates:
    Increased cost effectiveness
  5. Removable measuring insert:
    Retrofittability and replaceability guaranteed
  6. One measuring insert for various bodies:
    Lower storage costs
  1. Measurement of high flow rates, e.g.
    − Downstream of pumps or at transfer points
    − Reservoir inflows and outflows
  2. Measurement of low flow rates during offpeak periods
  3. Automated mobile or fixed network readout of relevant billing data
  4. Wired or radio remote readout of hard to access metering installations, e.g. meter pits, reservoirs
  5. Measuring of
    − Desalinated / demineralized water
    − Caustic soda up to 20%
    − Saline water up to 10%
    − Chlorinated water up to 1%
    − Glycol-water solutions up to 30%
    − Caustic solutions up to pH value 9