M-Bus Metering Gateway

Your benefits
  1. Intelligent link between system and M-Bus devices:
    The new CMe3100 M-Bus metering gateway leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility and versatility and makes data integration easier than ever before.
  2. Data transfer flexibility:
    Measured values can be sent via e-mail, stored remotely on servers or retrieved online via the integrated web server and with minimum effort.
  3. Unique capabilities:
    Whereas previously it was difficult to connect an M-Bus system via Modbus TCP, JSON-RPC or REST, the CMe3100 enables integration into peripheral systems, e.g. a building management system, without additional devices.
  4. Preferred M-Bus splitter:
    The CMe3100 supports the complete M-Bus standard, and splitting all bus participants to two further systems via wired M-Bus is easy.
  5. Infrared interface for modular extensions:
    No need to replace the metering gateway when connecting additional measuring points (––> investment protection)
  1. Fast and simple measurement data acquisition incl. integrated statistical functions
  2. Integration of measurement data in (building) management systems or other peripheral systems
  3. Complete gateway integration based on e.g. DLMS or REST