Ultrasonic flow meter

  1. Minimal pressure loss < 0.09 bar
  2. U0/D0, no need for flow conditioners
  3. Pressure ratings up to PN 16
  4. Medium temperature range 0.1 °C to + 50 °C
  5. Degree of protection IP68
  6. Tamper-proof
  7. IR interface for firmware update, parameter setting and data readout
  8. Integrated data logger incl. min./max. values
  9. Integrated medium temperature measurement
  10. Air detection
  11. External power supply
  12. Individual NFC communication slots with easy access plug & play modules
  13. Mode 5 and mode 7 data encryption
  14. Approved automatic detection of the direction of flow according to WELMEC 7.2 European Legal Metrology
  15. Approved firmware update procedure according to WELMEC 7.2 European Legal Metrology
  1. Water measurement, e.g. drinking water or utility water (reservoirs, pumping stations, etc.)
  2. Suitable for difficult installation conditions such as placement directly before or after 90° elbows, valves or pumps
  3. The time reverse acoustic principle enables a new level of measuring repeatability unaffected by flow perturbations, electroma- gnetic or grounding interference and water conductivity