Static Heat- and Cooling Meter

Supercal 5S
Your benefits
  1. Fluid oscillation principle:
    High stability and repeatability for a long- term and accurate measurement, even with poor water quality
  2. No moving parts:
    Not sensitive to dirt, air bubbles and liquids with changing viscosity
  3. No straight section necessary up to DN 40 and only 3 DN necessary for DN 50 and up: High flexibility in building planning
  4. Rugged and durable calculator: Particularly rugged construction of the casing and the mechanical and electrical connections
  5. NFC Interface:
    For a simplified and user-friendly calculator configuration on site
  1. High-end device for building management
  2. All applications in district heating and cooling or building automation
  3. Optimally suited for glycol and other mixtures
  4. As a replacement for mechanical impeller heat meters