Ultrimis W

Your benefits
  1. Constructive meter features designed to meet customer requirements (robust and compact brass or composite housing, universal installation, no upstream and downstream sections of straight piping required): High operational reliability and long-term measurement stability as well as low installation costs
  2. Optimized measurement range, up to R800 in every operating orientation: Increase of economic efficiency through reduction of water losses
  3. Powerful communication options (mobile, fixed network / smart metering – AMR): Covering a wide range of applications
  4. No obstacles in the measuring tube / no moving parts: Very low head loss maximizes high flow capability and saves pumping costs. Increased meter lifetime, reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  5. Extensive additional functions for monitoring the measuring points (leak, air, backflow, etc.): Development of new services possible
  6. Optimized, environmentally friendly design: Certainty of a sustainable recycling process
  1. Cold water supply systems (water temperature up to 50 °C) requiring reliable and accurate water consumption metering
  2. Reliable data communication on site (NFC) and integrated radio technology (RF) for mobile or fixed network / smart metering collection systems (AMR)